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 AresFinTech Investment Disclaimer


Important Notice: AresFinTech Does Not Provide Investment Advice and Does Not Solicit to the Public


This disclosure ("Disclosure") is provided by AresFinTech ("Company") to inform residents of the state of Illinois about the nature of our business and the services we offer. Please read this Disclosure carefully and in its entirety.


1. Private Company Status:

   - AresFinTech is a privately held company. We are not a publicly traded company, and our securities are not publicly listed or offered for sale on any securities exchange.


2. No Investment Advice:

   - AresFinTech does not provide investment advice of any kind, including but not limited to recommendations to buy, sell, or hold any financial assets, securities, or cryptocurrencies. Any information provided by AresFinTech is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice.


3. No Public Solicitation:

   - AresFinTech does not engage in public solicitation of investments or public offerings of securities. We do not market or promote our services to the general public for the purpose of soliciting investments.


4. Private Transactions:

   - Any transactions, offerings, or engagements with AresFinTech are conducted in a private capacity and are subject to applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Participation in any investment or financial transaction with AresFinTech is typically limited to accredited investors or individuals who meet specific eligibility criteria, as determined by applicable law.


5. Consultation with Financial Professionals:

   - Residents of Illinois who are considering any form of investment or financial engagement should seek advice from qualified financial professionals and legal advisors who can provide personalized guidance based on individual circumstances and objectives.


6. Compliance with Applicable Laws:

   - AresFinTech is committed to complying with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations governing financial services, securities, and cryptocurrencies. Our operations are subject to regulatory oversight where required.


7. Contact Us:

   - For any questions or inquiries regarding AresFinTech's services or this Disclosure, please contact us through our official communication channels.


This Disclosure is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. It does not create any contractual relationship between AresFinTech and any reader or recipient. The content of this Disclosure is subject to change without notice, and any updates or amendments will be made available through official channels.

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